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please send in the Membership Application (or a sample November 30,
2007. Thanks.*
November 30, 2007. Thanks.*

Dues covers the cost of printing and distributing the Directories,
maintaining a voice-mail line and e-mail, allowing us to receive referral
requests and to send out information as the requests come in.

Beginning in 2005, membership fees will also permit us to maintain a
website, so that more people can get referral information immediately.

The APTED Directory goes out to clinics, hospitals, private practitioners,
agencies and referral networks (local and national).  We do get frequent
referral requests.

When these calls come in, we either respond with a few names in the
geographical area being requested, or, at times, send the whole
Directory.  In recent years, we have tended to get requests resulting in
distributing about 500 APTED Directories per year.

* For people who are willing to accept MediCare, Medi-Cal, low-fee sliding scale,
or pro bono cases, please pay reduced dues of $50/year.
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